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Running Medicine (Revised Second Edition)

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Author: Robert Wilder, Francis O’Connor, Eric Magrum
Length: 681 pages
Published: 2017
Format: Book

Product Code: 9781606793633
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This new edition contains expanded and updated descriptions of the care of the injured runner. Reflecting ongoing development, additional discussions include clinical gait analysis, musculoskeletal ultrasound, heat tolerance testing, exercise-associated collapse, and emerging therapies. Supplanting the scattered and often imprecise information found in orthopedics manuals and general sports medicine texts, this authoritative and expert-authored medical resource features:
  1. The most extensive source of running-injury management expertise to be found anywhere
  2. Details on running-injury commonalities, diagnosis, and treatment
  3. In-depth coverage of injuries most often incurred in specific types of running, such as sprinting and marathoning
  4. Rehabilitation guidelines
  5. Surgical considerations
  6. Coverage of running-injury-related medical problems
  7. Valued strategies to help patients continue running and training during recovery
  8. Injury-prevention regimens and tips that can also help trainers, coaches, and runners themselves
  9. More than 150 exceptionally informative line drawings and photographs